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Shipping and Payment

Shipping method


Usually we can deliver you AQ3D Gold, pso2 meseta, order & chaos online gold (order and chaos online gold) within 30 minutes even though our Live Help operator offline because our website shopping cart is directly linked to our cell phone. Thus we can instantly receive your order notification via our cell phone when you complete your order at our website.
If your order was not delivered to you within 12 hours due to some issue with us, you can either ask for a refund or get 5% extra.

  • Order & Chaos Online Gold delivery
    We deliver you order & chaos online gold (order and chaos online gold) by write you mail via mailbox in game. The character name is case sensitive. So your character name must be correct when you type to register at our website or send payment using PayPal.
    You can pick up your order & chaos online gold (order and chaos online gold) via mailbox as following image.


  • Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta(PSO2 Meseta) delivery.
    Please include your shop name and your Ship number when you register at our website or send payment. Then you should place a useless weapon or armor in your shop for your order amount for sale. We will buy this worthless item from your shop within 12 hours upon receiving your payment, most time we can deliver you phantasy star online 2 meseta(pso2 Meseta) within half an hour.


  • AQ3D Gold delivery.
    1, You must leave us your Kingdom serial number (such as Kingdom: 666) when you buy this item.
    2, We will tell you the coordinates by sending you a message via email after you place the order.
    3, You should teleport your king to the coordinates. On the coordinates we provide you a low level Castle with your order amount of  resources . You should kill this low level Castle and loot its resources.


Payments method




  • Moneybookers is available now. We recommend you use Moneybookers to pay for us instead of PayPal. Especially the amount is more than $100 at a time.


Live Help
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